Our Projects

Our main focus has always been project development in the fields of feature films, TV series and games. We are storytellers, creators and entrepreneurs who have also tangled with Real-Time Virtual Reality and Dome Theater productions. Our biggest achievement is our flagship franchise – Mortal Guard, which has the capacity of expanding to multiple mediums and platforms.

Our initial temporary poster


Logline: “Trapped in our dying universe, one man exposes himself to an ancient war to save what is left of humanity.”

In a previous version of our website we included a lot more than a logline, but as we moved further into the financing areas, confidentiality agreements came in effect.

Eternae is the first feature film of a grand scale story-line. It begins the cinematic course of three pre-developed mega-chapters that weave through a variety of audiovisual mediums. It features a continuity that revolves around a main plot, which is fulfilled in major milestones. At this very moment, it spreads to feature films, TV programs, books and even a partially designed AAA game.

Mortal Guard is inspired by 17 years of research and development of ancient civilizations and political phenomena throughout history, while bridging spirituality with science. It is inspired by evolving sciences, humanity’s struggles through wars, famine, genocides, discrimination and the challenges we have faced as a collective species.

Mortal Guard takes all these elements and filters them through the “eyes” of the mythology of multiple ancient civilizations.

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The above video was compiled a while back, when experimenting on moods for a prelude campaign for Eternae. This is one of those tests.

As a secondary orientation, we maintain an open mind when it comes to additional projects, provided they are in sync with our genre brand. Our target mainly revolves around emotional thrillers, action and science fiction. However this does not mean we close our eyes to a spectacular project that may cross our path. We aim at productions that will become evolutionary case studies, without sacrificing their high entertainment value.

If you intend to contact us, please, no unsolicited material.