Our mission statement

After meeting through our individual paths in the production and post production industry, we realized our goals aligned. Hence Epagon of Athens, Greece, expanded to Epagon Pictures Inc. Toronto, on the first day of November, 2016. Soon, our mission statement became clear:

“We aim to create stories with a deeper meaning. We seek to help people to become the best versions of themselves, because it’s possible.”

Vassilis Kontodimas, CEO

The only way we can reach enough people to make a difference, is through the most powerful medium on the planet: audiovisual. May it be film, TV or interactive games. Powerful stories meet strong characters in an endeavor to create content that will become an evolutionary case study for years to come. As such, we focus on individuality, regardless of gender, religion or ethnic background. Everyone who associates with us knows that we seek to maintain a constant balance between creativity and entertainment. We cater to the needs of our audience, by challenging ourselves to bring them stories that speak to the heart and inspire them to delve into the depths of what we have to offer.

“We seek to inspire, awaken and engage our audience in order to deepen an understanding of the soul, all within the scope of entertaining them with high quality films and television programming.”

Viki Posidis, COO

As entrepreneurs, our goal is to have a stable and strong structure, building content that resonates with our audience, and builds a sense of confidence from our investors. With us, not only they will see a valuable return for their faith in us, but also know that they made a positive change possible, throughout the world. Our projects are carefully developed and picked, so that they are enjoyable for everyone on our planet.

“You have revolutionalized the meaning of teamwork.”

Orlanda Szabo, Screenwriter – Script Editor

We aim to innovate. We aim to entertain. We aim to take our audience on journeys that will have them truly envision the values and the capacities of humanity.