Corporate Videos

Epagon Pictures’ founding members bring over 37 years of combined production and post-production experience. We have worked on over a hundred broadcast commercials, more than a dozen documentaries, TV series and feature films. Additionally, we have successfully produced short films, music videos, dome theater productions, business-to-business (B2B) presentations, and virtual reality content. Epagon Pictures also handles production support, accounting services and BTL/ATL advertising.

What we have done for a variety of clients worldwide, we can do for your business.

Why us?

We are a lot more than people with cameras and computers. We are storytellers, creators, artists, problem-solvers, researchers and scientists. When we undertake a task, we look at it from different angles, such as the message, the feeling, the tone, and the impact our work will have on our viewers. We fulfill our clients’ needs by putting the audience in the spotlight.

Our main focus is building content that reaches the audience on an emotional level, not just informative. We design and script our material in a way that cuts through the noise of a saturated digital age. This is what makes us different. We seek to connect.

Our Recognition

Our core team has achieved:

  • 5 Hermes Media Production Awards (EU)
  • Two time Production Company of the Year (EU)
  • PR Daily Award for Video Production (US)
  • Featured innovation work in Keyframe Magazine – Print (US)
  • Full episode feature in Art TV Show (EU)
  • WIFT-T Award – Producer Mentorship (Canada)
  • Royal Reef Award – Best short film (Canada)
  • Jury Choice Award – Best short film (Canada)
  • Director’s Guild of Canada nomination
  • Distribution Deal with Pacific Voice Inc. (Japan)
  • Numerous writing recognitions & Los Angeles Scholarship
  • Published articles in various magazines – online & print (Global)

A Sample of our Work