Who We Are


Epagon Pictures Inc. is a full production service company, federally incorporated and based next to Toronto, Ontario. The company was originally formed for the development and implementation of a major franchise titled Mortal Guard, but also offers additional services such as production consulting & packaging, feature film financing, international branding & sponsorships, distribution and special events per assigned brand. The company has established a global network of professionals who operate for a common goal, in various aspects of the entertainment industry. Comprised of people of extensive backgrounds, Epagon Pictures Inc. is well versed in film & TV production, visual effects, financing, international law, advertising, branding and business development.


In Epagon Pictures we are professionals, but above all – we are human. Despite our traditional structure of a board of directors, we prefer the “spherical” system, which allows our members to offer input, guidance and experience under a respectful environment. Every single one of our people complements the rest, forming a combination of individuals that make all of us grateful and proud.


Epagon originally started in Greece (1998) as a small business and was initially engaged in cooperations with several audiovisual corporations in projects involved with TV, Dome Theater, Real-Time Virtual Reality and Internet. Due to exposure to various teams of historians, writers and researchers, it began laying the foundations to expand on its flagship project titled MORTAL GUARD; thus expanding on the initial 72-page manuscript written on January 1993. After building and revamping the infrastructure of two AV departments in two major companies, in 2005 it engaged deeper in the film and TV industry, setting the foundation and actively aiding in the accumulation of 5 Hermes Media Production Awards and the honor of twice-named Production Company of the Year.

In 2010, the scope shifted toward international cooperations, with TV projects across Europe and Film cooperations with the USA. Having accumulated the experience of numerous TV spots, TV series, documentaries and feature films, it actively entered the full-service area of production, bringing its flagship project under the final development stage in May of 2014. After expanding its network and international cooperations, it moved its activities to Toronto, Canada. Focused mainly on feature films and TV series, Epagon became Epagon Pictures Inc on November of 2016.


Epagon Pictures Inc. has its own team of writers, producers and directors. People from multiple countries are brought together like pieces of a puzzle long adrift. Like-minded individuals of great potential. Real people, where their contribution to the whole is honest and with integrity. A model that will be maintained and not sacrificed.


  • Concept Design
  • Pre-Production
  • Planning and Logistics
  • Production Accounting
  • Screenwriting
  • Principal Photography
  • Post Production and VFX
  • Branding
  • Business Development
  • Project Development
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Financing and Sponsorship