PR Award of the year, 2017

The Promo Video final frames

Our CEO and long time CGI/VFX artist and supervisor worked together with our prolific and Emmy Award winning director – Brett Varvel, to produce a promotion video for the university of Indiana, US.

“The news of the project came at the best and the worst time. The best because it was a season I was on “vacation” and used some of that time to hone my older skills. Worst, because the rest of my team was on vacation, so I had to pick up additional tasks.”

Vassilis Kontodimas

The entire idea was for the university to prepare for the new semester cycle, after the end of Summer. What better idea than the famous “Winter is Coming” tagline! The theme was a Game of Thrones “spin-off” with similar visuals, music and feeling. However, the deadline was nowhere near the famous show’s allotted time had for their starting titles. Approximately 54 buildings spread over 7 campuses had to be generated within the period of two and a half weeks.

The Bloomington Campus

We basically forfeited our vacations and did this like a hobby. As other people enjoy cars, surfing or hiking… me and Brett enjoyed sitting in front of the screen. I created the assets and delivered them to our director for the animation and rendering.

Vassilis Kontodimas

Despite the tight deadline, the project was delivered 4 days early, and the small team resumed their business after this small “break”. Approximately 7 months passed, until both received a message saying “we won the 2017 PR Award.”

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